'I never had feelings for her': K2 on Blue

neverIt's indeed the final week as it's evident allover the house; the moods, the conversations among housemates, the atmosphere, plans and all are all geared towards the finale and after the show.

Last night, Biggie gave housemates huge amounts of alcohol and the finalists celebrated like real champs. Interestingly, Chelsea even suggested to the others that they pour some alcohol on the ground as a gesture of thanking their ancestors!

Meanwhile, K2 and Ace got down to some real manly talk during which the former dropped a bomb saying: "I never had feelings for Blue..." He continued that when he came into the house, he never felt anything for her and only wanted to win and not walk away after a week or so.

He also mentioned that when he got into the partnership with Blue, he promised to take her to the finals and is glad that he did that but about having anything intimate with her, that was clearly a far fetched dream. It's now clear that the Royals will never have an intimate relationship on the outside as it's written allover.

What do you think?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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  1. You never nothing positive to write

  2. Its obvious even my grand mother whos blind can see that fake relationship

  3. Hahahaha whats up now big fans of k2 and blue fake fake fake fake mmmmmh in big brothers voice!

  4. Hahaaaa Blue hates Tembi , because of Tembi but K2 does not love her kwaaaaaa Blue shame usengxakin ngoba u K2 kuzithandela u Tembi not wena cc

  5. It waz obvious from the word go,that they are playin their fans,they are so fake its pathetic ,how they eat ,talk ,walk basically everything fake,FAKE ROYALS ,FAKE PLASTIC CROWN,just cant wait to see their faces when they lose to Ntombi and Ace,it will serve them with a reminder that its very important to be yourself because everyone else is taken