Nominations: Soxx & Tembi up?

upShortly after the Live show that claimed Pumkay, housemates were taken through their individual nominations and this time around, Biggie demanded for concrete reasons. While others found it hard to abide by Biggie's demands, some of them had it all well thought out, all the same, nominations went on.

From the go, it was clear that housemates were after those they thought were threats to their game and at the end of the day, reigning Heads of House; Soxx and Tembi were thrown under the bus after they bagged five nominations from Chelsea, Mbali, K2, Blue and Ace. Chelsea and Mbali also bagged two nods from Soxx and Ntombi.

Meanwhile, today, there will be pair nominations and these will later on determine who finally makes the final nomination list.

Who do you see making the final list?

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  1. K2 n Blue along with Ntombi n Ace money money for them

  2. BlueK2 and Ntombace are going to the finals