Pair Nominations: SoTexx still lead!

nomsTo add salt to the would, after the individual nominations last night, it was about time the pairs were engaged in yet another round of nominations. The reasons given didn't differ from those given individually as threats were wanted out as well as Soxx and Tembi because the pair have been having a good run which they think should be halted.

Ace and Ntombi were the first in the Diary room nominating Mbali and Chelsea as they thought Chelsea was not trust worthy, was skeamy and could be dangerous in the long run.

Other nomination sessions went as follows; Mbali and Chelsea put up Soxx and Tembi.

Soxx and Tembi went for Mbali and Chelsea because Tembi was fighting so much with Chelsea something that would affect their game.

K2 and Blue nominated Soxx and Tembi.

By the look of things, SoTexx as well as MbalSea are in danger this week, who do you seeing packing their bags?

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  1. Thembi and Soxx are leaving , I'm sorry Soxx but ur gf is something else.