Robots 'eat' too!

eatAs housemates continue with their latest Robotic themed task, they seem to be having fun especially with their latest attires and ways of conducting themselves.

As lunch time clocked, the 'robots' rushed to the kitchen and dining table and made themselves comfortable (that wasn't comfortable at all - because of the metallic attires) grabbing something to eat. Ace and Ntombi made their way to the dining table and chatted like Robots between the meal.

After a while, it surely seems there are some Robots that do actually smoke as Robot Ace could be seen smoking his Robotic life away. It was interesting though to see that housemates had embraced their characters with ease and fun.

And as diary sessions commenced, Mbali and Chelsea shared with Biggie that indeed they were enjoying the task and looking forward to presentations later in the evening.

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