Sanity restored at last

blueFinally, housemates were filled in on what was going on for the last five days as they'd been made to believe that the Sunday and Monday nominations were genuine, the save and replace, the fake pairs and all.

Well, having that digital clock in the house also spelled rumours in the house as Chelsea alleged that whoever pressed the red button atop it would get a chance to see their beloved ones while Pumba almost got it when he reasoned that the digital clock was counting down to something and indeed it was because when it clocked 17:00hours, everything was restored.

Apart from the fake nominations that were deleted, fake pairs formed; Kay-K2 and Pumba-Blue were also done away with.

A sigh of relief engulfed the house at the announcement which was followed by a highly contested HoH challenge that saw Soxx and Tembi getting ever closer to the grand finale.

What did you make of the fake week?

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