SoTexx & MbalSea, who heads home?

thiefCourtesy of Individual and Pair nominations carried out on Sunday and Monday respectively, it was clear from the go that housemates wanted to get rid of threats thus Soxx and partner Tembi together with all girl power pair Chelsea and Mbali were spotted out.

Some of the reasons cited for putting up Chelsea was that she was playing mind games and not doing enough when she was co-HoH, she was also widely seen as a skeamy and untrustworthy fellow.

Soxx and Tembi on the other hand were wanted on the chop list to see how they would fair as they had dodged it for far too long.

K2 and Blue who took yesterday's HoH challenge home together with Ace and Ntombi are safe this week.

Who heads home between Soxx-Tembi and Mbali-Chelsea?

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