The Blame game

soxSoxx took the blame for not aiding Ace and Ntombi bag their first ever HoH crown. He argued that he was in position to help the high riding couple, all the same Soxx shouldn't worry as Ace and Ntombi don't really need it at the moment having already secured their place in the much anticipated grand finale.

Ace and Ntombi have gotten where they in the game simply because of their A-game, winning immunity when it mattered the most and probably being one of the fans' favourites.

Meanwhile, the Royals couldn't stop complimenting and praising each other after that HoH win that automatically landed them in the finale. They could be seen showering each other with sweet words with Blue saying K2 has always been perfect.

For now the game is clearly between Soxx-Tembi and Chelsea-Mbali as they have an uphill task of convincing Mzansi that they really deserve to be in the finale.

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