The Cigarette thief

thiefIn the house, you'd rather deny some housemates like Soxx, Tembi, Ace, Chelsea, Pumba, K2 and a few others food and but provide them with their cancer sticks as it seems their lives depend on them. The cigar smokers have noticed that their well kept and stashed sticks have grown legs and started to disappear thus they called for a 'meeting' to iron out this problem before it gets out of hand.

Interestingly, the thief was among them and it was interesting to see how this goes. Initially, Pumba stole Chelsea's sticks and he defended himself saying that he only did it just to stir up the pot and bring on some much needed drama, such an excuse, he gave!

Many of them shared the same sentiments saying that Chelsea could be the big thief and Ace with a sad face said that he was worried at the pace his sticks were disappearing.

As the ship captain and one of the chief resident smokers, Soxx said that the cigarettes were divided equally and wondered why people weren't satisfied, he called for harmony and for everyone to look out for their own sticks.

Do you think Chelsea is the big cigarette thief?

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