The potential finalists

finalIn a game like Big Brother Mzansi where a whopping R2million is up for grabs, you just can expect anything and in as much as Ace may have lost his home girl Kay and Chelsea losing her flame Pumba, they can at least thank Heavens that they have the chance to go further in the game and pray that their long gone buddies have their backs from the outside.

This week's upcoming HoH challenge if undoubtedly the most important as it lands whomever will be lucky enough to bag into the grand finale something that brings them ever closer to the money.

Soxx and Tembi have bagged the last two HoH challenges, will they continue their lucky streak and good run of form something they probably need after coming out tops during yesterday's individual nominations? Till will surely tell!

We're left with four pairs and let's wait and see how this goes, it should be very interesting though.

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  1. This show is too predictable. If Soxx and Tembi dsnt win the HOH, they will leave cum sunday. Nd from the 3 couples finalists its almost obvious who will win. I think the show lost its meaning