The 'strong' & the 'under-dogs'

undIn every game, there's always what the public views as the 'strong players' and the not so given attention/under-dogs who in some cases crawl to the ultimate prize without anyone noticing only to be surprised at the end of the day.

Well, Big Brother Mzansi is not an exception if "How Mzansi Voted" statistics over the past weeks are anything to go by. In the past 6 weeks, we've seen evictions that left us nerve cracked. One can't fail to notice that Ace and Ntombi have commanded the votes whenever they were up, gunning the biggest percentages. Mind you, this pair has never won the HoH crown something that has exposed them to the gallows a couple of times only to be saved by Mzansi. Could this make them the favourites for this show? It's a question you and I can ask ourselves.

On the other hand, K2 & Blue and Chelsea & Mbali have been up a couple of times and survived with convincing percentages but whenever they were up with Ace & Ntombi, they always came behind them as the latter seem to be riding high as far as the game is concerned.

As for Soxx & Tembi, they've always managed to be safe from evictions thanks to their hard work which helps them win the HoH position, however, this has also not exposed them to Mzansi enough to see how strong they are against the others. Could this pair be the under-dogs this season?

All these questions will be answered between this Sunday and the finale.

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