Top 3, Vote, Vote, Vote

[caption id="attachment_5623" align="aligncenter" width="530"]rap Ace & Ntombi alongside Chelsea & Mbali and K2 & Blue (not in photo) made it to the finals[/caption]

It's quite amazing how sometimes time flies pretty fast without noticing that it's even pacing that fast. It seemed like just yesterday when we started the show on day 1 and today we counting a whopping 50 days! Congratulations Mzansi!

It's the eighth and final week of the show, it all started with 10 pairs (20 housemates) but today we only have three pairs (six housemates) who weathered through the storms to the finale.

A whole R2milion awaits either Ace & Ntombi, Chelsea & Mbali or K2 & Blue, who will convince the voters this week and take it all? Time will tell.

Mzansi you have to vote for your winners this week and the voting is already open, let's get it on!

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  1. i vote for team law class all the way Ace and Ntombi for the $2 million. Team Qabanation.