Trouble in paradise

paraHaving stayed in the house for more than six weeks now (45 days) should have made any couple or pair grow stronger as it would mean that they've been through a lot together while in Biggie's house, so we think but it seems the pressures of the game are over-weighing everything especially in the lives of Ace and Ntombi.

Last night, Ace and Soxx were bonding outside like boys will always do. The two seemed to be having a nice time until Ntombi appeared all looking dejected. As a concerned hubby would do, Ace inquired from her what the matter was and she said she was feeling lonely to which Ace advised her to always sit next to him whenever she feels lonely in the house.

However, Ntombi seemed to be in a bad mood as she didn't divulge much info something that got Ace irritated. He also let it all out claiming that Ntombi was acting up.

It should be remembered that last week, the two also had an argument during which Ace said to her face that he's had the worse luck in girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Ace walked out her cursing and saying a lot of unpleasant words to her something that got her teary eyes.

Hopefully, the power couple get on the road once again sooner than later.

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