Video stars

shooAs we edge closer to the grand finale, housemates are being engaged in so many interesting feats like real superstars that they are probably orienting them for the celebrity status they are to assume as soon as the show ends.

Yesterday, they took part in an epic music video shoot for the Mzansi sound track that will be unleashed during the Live Show.

One by one, the music director invited each housemate to get in for their shoot session with Ace confessing that he felt like a celebrity being called in for his shoot sessions. K2 on the other hand visioned that it was a great platform to get them more fans which they'll need after-show.

The ladies also added flavour to the video with Tembi donning her very famous blue gown much to her own excitement, part of her shoot was done in the garden.

This is the first ever video shoot done in Big Brother Mzansi house, we hope it will be a joy to watch as housemates have come out to express how excited they are with their input.

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