Wager loss doesn't stop the party

basIt was an emotional evening yesterday as housemates lost their second Wager of the season something they very well know that it deprives them of luxuries for the coming week.

However, it seems Biggie this time around is more than lenient after he set up the garden for some kind of picnic though he didn't explain himself.

This morning, all the residents slept till late apart from Ace who probably wasn't ready to let his spirits be affected by the painful loss.

Housemates were moments later summoned outside where mats lay in the garden with baskets full of goodies; snacks, drinks, fruits and all, just ready to be devoured on.

Having been the early bird today, Ace tried convincing the rest that he was the one who put up everything but his lies didn't sink in as everyone had their own ideas with some of them thinking that Biggie was probably sending in a guest or all was for a task or something.

All the same, they were tired of waiting for more instructions and decided to enjoy themselves but one wonders whether they didn't encroach.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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