When Tembi faced off with Mbali

fuedYesterday during the session with producer Sean Pages and the talented Monde Dube which was aimed at helping housemates with coming up with their own track, housemates clearly had a wonderful time interacting with the guests little did they know that hell would break lose sooner.

It all started when Mbali confronted Tembi about her cooking habits. Mbali reasoned that she was only cooking for Soxx yet the house rule was clear "cook for one, cook for all". Mbali said that it was unfair and thus Tembi ought to change her attitude.

Tembi on the other hand didn't leave it lying down as she said that she was under no obligation to cook for them all as everyone was able to do it on their own.

Later, Mbali had a chat with Chelsea and so did Tembi with Soxx and the two nominated pairs could be over heard discussing the issue in rather hashed tones, probably trying to come up with a solution to this latest feud.

Is eviction fever creeping in?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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  1. Thembi must go home, other housemates were cooking for the whole house