Zombies in the house!

zomLost in Time is the theme this week during the tasks contributing to the Wager to be presented come Thursday. This follows housemates agreeing to go for it all once again and wagered 100% with Biggie.

The task brief clearly read that housemates (zombies) will be traveling through different time zones throughout the week and will also be required to wear a clock around their necks.

Attires and make-up were provided to add flavour to housemates - zombie looks. Their role is to act like the undead, eat, drink, walk and behave like so. Since Zombies hardly sleep, housemates are also not supposed to sleep during this task.

As soon as the brief was read props provided, housemates got into character and it was interesting to see Mbali, Blue, Chelsea looking like real Zombies with fake blood all over their sexy bodies.

How do you see housemates performing this particular one?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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