Zombies putting Wager in danger

caveDay two into this week's "Lost in time" tasks and housemates seem to yet be at per with what is required of them. A few minutes past midnight, the time zone required them to talk like caveman and eat use their hands to eat.

Props were picked from the store room though it was confusing on which gender had to wear which specific costumes. All the same, housemates quickly got into character and tried mimicking caveman. They were also required to sleep on the floor meaning beds and mattresses were a no go area this time around.

Soxx and Tembi were a beauty to watch as they chased each other around in their props while Chelsea and Blue decided to make coffee and enjoyed it caveman style.

However, some housemates like Ace confessed to not fully being into the task and they could be seen making lots of mistakes something that could put their Wager in danger.

Others decided to sleep on mattresses contrary to caveman. Biggie warned them that they had to up their socks as they were clearly putting it all on the line.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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