Yesterday was that time of the week when we get hijacked by our celebrity guest and this week we have the royal duchess, Blue Mbombo.
It was a Blue Monday, but there really wasn’t anything blue about it as the Duchess herself – Blue Mbombo hijacked ZAlebs.
Yes, we know, you’re probably thinking to yourself “Shucks, another Blue article again?” Well yes, but this time around it’s different. Not only are we just writing about Blue, but she’s actually with us in our offices causing havoc! Well, in a good way of course.
In this week’s ZAlebs Hijack, Blue not only got interviewed by us but she also took over our ZAlebs news, and did a pretty good job at it too.
Make sure you keep a look out for our podcast discussion with Blue as we discussed everything entertainment plus more.
Blue did an outstanding job on the ZAlebs news we're even petrified that she might just take our jobs.
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