Sol Phenduka admits that he never thought he'd be in a long term relationship for as long as he has with his current girlfriend.
5FM DJ and former Big Brother Mzansi contestant, Sol Phenduka, had a chat on theKellman show with Arye Kellman and opened up about his relationship with his current girlfriend. Sol admitted that he is surprised that his current relationship has lasted this long.
“Yho, it’s been 18 months now, I think it was yesterday that she said wished me happy 18 months and I was like ‘Wow! I survived?’ I’m not surprised that I lasted with her this long, but I’m surprised that I’ve survived generally in a relationship for this long," he said.
Arye jokingly said he did not picture Sol as a long-term relationship type of guy, as Sol comes across as a single, ready to mingle man.
“…Look I’m not single ready to mingle, but you don’t have to be boring just because you’re in a relationship, keep it spicy man, always, even with the person you’re dating.”
We clearly remember how spicy Sol kept things in the Big Brother Mzansi house when he tried, countless times, to get frisky with the beauty that is Kat Mohoadube.
Don't get us started on the shenanigans they used to get up to in the jacuzzi too, but shame, Sol really had it bad for Kat. Here's one of our favourite videos of the two just laying in bed and chatting.
Sol also added that when you're in a long-term relationship every experience you share together should feel like the first time.
"Every time you're in bed, every time you go out, every time you kiss them it should be like the first time. That's how you keep things spicy, women love that kind of stuff, everyone in fact," said Sol.
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