Here's an exclusive of Big Brother Mzansi 2 finalist, the very sexy and talented Mbali Nkosi.
More likely than not, Mbali has had you or someone close to you gushing with admiration. Whether it’s because of her looks or her sheer work ethic, she makes an impression wherever she goes. While on Big Brother Mzansi, Mbali was one half of the gorgeous duo that included Chelsea Humfrey. Their partnership made it to the final of the reality competition. While the bubbly 25-year-old maintains that there’s nothing she regrets or would do differently about how she played her cards in the house, she concedes that everything has a time and place. We shine the spotlight on her to find out more about her life after the show. Cava:
QuenchSA: For you personally, what was your motivation to join big brother? You had already been onRockville. Take us through your interest in the reality show?
Mbali: It’s quite simple. Even though I was on Rockville, I didn’t have a major role and I wanted to get more opportunities. I’m an actor – I present and sing, I wanted that exposure so that people can get to know me for who I am so that by the time I came out I can do anything I wanted to do.
QuenchSA: You have made it very clear you are a very ambitious girl. And it shows, with all the risks you have taken to get forward. Where does that come from – the ambition?
Mbali: I think I get it from my mother, she’s always been a role model for me. She’s very ambitious woman. From a young age she was working and supporting us, I got that fighting spirit from her.
QuenchSA: Since BBMzansi and Rockville and the exposure they came with, people can’t stop gushing about your looks. And we are quite frankly among the admirers. How do you feel about being a sex symbol?
Mbali: I’m shocked – that’s how I feel about it! I’ve never heard that one before. I don’t know…
QuenchSA: How does it feel like to have cameras filming you the whole day? 
Mbali: No it doesn’t (bother me). It’s only a problem if you have things to hide or you are going to be somebody different. If you are yourself and someone is watching you it’s not a big deal whether the cameras are there or not, it’s just you being yourself. If you are being yourself then there’s nothing to be worried about.
QuenchSA: Were you ever bothered by the shower scenes?
Mbali: Obviously to the sense that people could see you naked, that’s why I never showed my  body and always wore a bikini. But regardless of the shower scenes … I’d never show my body parts on television.
QuenchSA: If winning Big Brother Mzansi was contingent on you showing your body parts would you have done it?
Mbali: (Laugh) No I still wouldn’t do it. I don’t want to explain to my children’s children why their grandmother got naked on a show and for what reason! I’d rather work hard and get that money the right way.
QuenchSA: Were you constantly self conscious of what viewers thought of you? Like, making sure you don’t laugh like you are in a tavern?
Mbali: No I actually didn’t, I was actually myself the whole time so I didn’t try to be anyone. I didn’t dress up everyday. There were days were I felt like wearing pants, I didn’t try to be anybody I was just being myself.
QuenchSA: Which housemate did you crush on, secretly?
Mbali: Oh Gosh! (Laughs) I crushed on Ex.
QuenchSA: We will go ahead and ask, there’s a lot of interest on whether you are black or coloured. Does that bother you?
Mbali: No, I’ve had that my whole life. My mother is Zulu and my father is Swati… I’m 100% black.
QuenchSA: What was the weirdest statement you’ve received after getting out of the house?
Mbali: The weirdest thing I got was from a recent thing we had at Capellos when some girl said to me if I had partnered with Ace I would have won. I was like really? She was saying that due to the fact that Ace works hard and she felt I also had the same fighting spirit, I didn’t think it was weird…it was just the one time I heard something that shocked me.
QuenchSA: What fact about you would surprise your fans?
Mbali: I don’t think people would be shocked, like I said I didn’t hide anything I mentioned everything while I was in the the house. The only thing that I think people forgot is the fact that I’ve also had issues that I went through in my life that I had to deal with to be where I am. I had to work for everything, knock on doors for opportunities. People automatically think that I had things easy. No, I literally had to fight for everything that I have in my life.
QuenchSA: What is Mbali up to right now?
Mbali: I recently had my song on radio, it played on YFM. Had the video shoot, Chelsea was there, Socks, K2, Matt and Ex was there, it was nice to get the support from fellow housemates. We planning to drop the video in two weeks time. I’m super excited about that.
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