Here is an interview with Pumba from QuenchSA about his Dalliances with Chelsea and Life after BBM

Honesty when in the public eye is rarely personified as the confessions made by Pumba regarding his stay in the Big Brother Mzansi House. The big guy left no stone unturned as he shared his experience of sharing a house with more than a dozen strangers. They say it’s the best policy, we think it was very refreshing. Here’s what he had to say.

QN: Where does the name ‘Pumba’ come from?
Pumba: It’s actually from junior school, when I was playing rugby. I was always bigger than my classmates. When I was under 13, I was playing for the under 15s. I don’t know if you know Timon and Pumba, the warthog, I also farted a lot so it started out as a diss then I ran with it.
QN: What were your personal reasons for joining Big Brother Mzansi?
Pumba: To be honest, I went there for the money because I’m into radio and I felt like I was a bit stagnant. I wanted to be out there, get some exposure and more job opportunities. The funny thing is I’m getting more television offers than radio gigs which is my number one passion.
QN: What was your strategy going into the house? Was mingling with a housemate preconceived?
Pumba: I honestly feel like I’m a easy going guy, I’m not fussy. I just felt like number one; I knew all the housemates would like me and looking at the dynamic of South Africa in terms of target market that watches the show, I knew that they are very conservative. In normal life I’m kind of very loud and always out but in the house I was more chilled.
I promise you that it was never my plan (to mingle with Chelsea). But when I walked in the house and saw the girls I was like there’s these beautiful women. For the longest time I had to remind myself I’m not here for girls.
QN: Do you think you played the best game you could have in the house?
Pumba: In hindsight, now I feel I could have come out a bit more. But honestly I feel like I played a great game because it came down to me dropping those four eggs, if it wasn’t for that who knows?
QN: Do you think you had the best partner to win the competition?
Pumba: In the beginning I doubted her. I felt like I was set up, like I’m going home. I even told Socks. I decided to grow up and… look at the pros and cons of my partner. In my opinion because she’s loud, when she’d say something it would come out as rude. That was a con and what I saw as a pro was I thought the target market that watch the show were entertained by her so I felt like we were a good balance.
QN:Did you develop feelings for Chelsea or were you always cognisant that it was all a game?
Pumba: Yeah I cared a lot about her but I wouldn’t go a far as say that I was in love with her.
QN: Why do you think you didn’t win despite you dropping those eggs?
Pumba: I don’t know…I know me not speaking vernac was a problem. I also think I lost a lot of people for hooking up with Chelsea, I’m just spit-balling…I don’t know.
QN: Were you dating anyone when you went in the house?
Pumba: No I wasn’t. If I were I would have told them that anything I do in the house is to win the R 2 million. (Laughs)
QN: What misconceptions do people have about you?
Pumba: Everyone thinks I’m fat! When I see people, they’re like “you’ve lost so much weight”. And I tell them
I’ve always been like this.
QN: Were you ever bothered by the shower scenes?
Pumba: Yes! (Laughs) I was. Because I thought people were going to be like “This guy has a small dick, this guy has a big dick”… or whatever. The first two days I showered with boxers. Then I’m standing next to Bongi and he has his dick out and I was like f*ck! If he can do it, I can do it.
QN: What have you been up to?
Pumba: I am going to be presenting a show called “l Am Hip Hop“. I am close to confirming a deal with an American sports clothing label to be brand ambassador, along with a few other well known local people. l am working with Siyabonga Nkosi (Kaiser Chiefs), Thami Mngqolo (Generations) and Luthando Zibekho (Luthando Zibeko Foundation) with the Siyabonga Children’s Foundation to give back to less fortunate. I have decided to focus much more energy towards acting and presenting. I am in love with radio and ultimately would love to have a slot on radio that will further my career in the industry. I just want to be as busy as possible as I am a man of many talents and a strong work ethic.
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