BBA's Oneal hosts Ace & Ntombi on Cliff Central

Big Brother Mzansi 2 Double Trouble winners Ace and Ntombi joined Big Brother Africa The Chase contestant Oneal (Botswana) on CliffCentral for a catchup and jam session. With their upcoming reality show, Oneal also decided to give them the challenge of writing a song and performing it on the spot.

Like stars that they are, Ace and Ntombi killed it off with catchy voices much to the excitement of Oneal and the rest of the Cliff Central studio crew. Ntombi turns it with some kind of rap as the whole studio goes wild.

Meanwhile, NtombAce assured listeners that their own reality TV show will be going on air soon stressing that they are not tired from moving all over Mzansi but rather love working hard.

Check out more of the interview here.
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