Ace & Ntombi Talk Own Reality Show, Business & Music

QuenchSA: Was your entry into the Big Brother solely to win the grand prize?

Ace: No man! It was to build up a career in the music industry and be able to continue to educate ourselves and basically just reach for our dreams and ensure a better future for our son.

QuenchSA: When you came into the house you had alluded to being aspiring entertainers. Now you intend to go into business. Will entertainment be part of your business?

Ace: Yes, of course! We are actually working on a project where we are doing a YouTube channel, a podcast and a website. We have always aspired to be in the entertainment industry, like right now we just registered on Legends which is an acting agency. We also working on our music video now.

QuenchSA: Nice! So when is your first single coming out?

Ntombi: The song title is called Qabashwe and the video is dropping in two days time.

QuenchSA: Qabanation and Qabashwe. What are they and what do they represent?

Ntombi: It’s our name as Qabas, derived from what people used to call us on the show so it’s who we are.

Ace: They’re supporters and it’s people who have been supportive and behind us during our journey on BBMzansi. It’s people that have become friends and family through social media and you don’t know how humbling it is being part of that family.

QuenchSA: A lot of BBMzansi housemates aspired to have a singing career. Can we expect a collabo sometime in the future?

Ntombi: Yes, Big Brother Mzansi housemates are very talented and we have a good relationships so ja…
Ace: Of course. Besides the housemates, we are also going to be working with a lot of people. As soon as we get the podcast up and going you’re going to be seeing a lot of magic so expect a lot.

QuenchSA: You demonstrated thick skin in the BBMzansi house and always stayed true to yourselves. What did you take out of the BBMzansi journey?

Ace: There’s so much I took out of the journey. I learnt how you should never change as a person. You should be proud of yourself because it worked out for me.

Ntombi: Personally, I learnt that not everyone is going to vibe with you, learnt a lot about enjoying each and every experience and embracing the moment.

QuenchSA: What was the most surprising thing you heard from a fan or on twitter after coming our of the big brother house?

Ace: I was shocked that people actually listen to every word you say and they will remember and take it with them. I was really surprised at the power of television.

Ntombi: I was shocked at the number of the Qabanation.

QuenchSA: Zegang energy drink. When can we expect that on the shelves?

Ace: Obvious! We spoke with the company. Within two months it is going to be in stores. It is one of our proudest moments as a couple – going into business.

Ntombi: Iyeza! (It’s coming)

QuenchSA: How did the reality show come about?

Ace: We had no idea… As soon as we got out of the house there were cameras following us. It happened at a time where we had gotten used to cameras and I guess there was a demand for it. I’d just like to express our gratitude to all the South Africans, DStv and Mzansi Magic.

QuenchSA: What can we expect on the show?

Ntombi: We show how much we’ve grown since the Big Brother house. There’s still loads more in store. We leave it all out there. Can’t reveal too much. Bukela wena (just keep watching).

QuenchSA: What is the final word to the Qabanation?

Ntombi: Qabashwe!!! And thanks for the love.

Don’t forget to catch the show Ntombi & Ace every Thursday night at 20:00 pm on Mzansi Magic Dstv channel 161.
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