Catch-up with Big Brother Mzansi's Ex Global

Earlier this year, we saw Ex Global scoop his share of the R100 000 prize money that was up for grabs in the Big Brother Mzansi house. A few months later, he surprised his fans by venturing into music.
“The music was always there before Big Brother. I never got to showcase it on the show because I left early so not many people knew what I do,” said the animated TV personality.
“I make music based on what I go through. The sound is local, but global. I hope that makes sense, but that’s what I always try to do. If you have heard AKA’s sound, then I’d say that’s where I fall in in terms of my sound.”
But how come we never saw this side to him on Big Brother Mzansi, you might wonder?
“It was going to happen anyway, but being on Big Brother helped with the numbers. Now people notice me from a distance and I get to perform a lot. I did a single with Blacklez before going onto the show. We held it back for a bit until I came out. I then met Shelton Forbes who told me he was a musician and we decided to work on something together. The song’s called Unlocking a Baddie,” said Ex Global.
Before you get excited about a full-length album coming out, Ex Global plans to take things slowly, but with help from some of the industry’s greats.
“I am working on an EP and I have a lot of prominent people helping me. I have Heavy K producing some stuff. I have worked with Professor and J Something from MiCasa.”
He is trying to maximise the exposure for the work he has done so far: “I am shooting a music video at the end of November and that is for the song I did with Shelton,” he said.
The assumption might be that after being on Big Brother, it was easy for Ex Global to step into the music industry, but that’s not the case.
“It was not an easy ride. I tried to get airplay from university radio stations, but it wasn’t easy so it took time to get the music out there. It feels good to be finally here,” he said.
But the TV bug is still in his blood and Ex Global wants his fans to get to know him a bit better: “I shot a reality series called Life After Big Brother, but am not sure when it will air. My fans should look out for where I am going to perform next on my social networks because that’s where I always update them a week before I travel,” he added.
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