Did Mandla quit Music? K2 is taking over!

Ever since he released his first hit song, he is yet to release other projects. Ktoozle 'K2' (Katlego Mabusela) on the other hand has released four songs already that have become hits as fans are downloading the music getting to thousands in number.

We could be wrong saying that the Big Brother Mzansi 1 winner probably threw in the towel but that what it looks like or may be he's decided to concentrate on other business ventures but as it stands now, we can all without a doubt agree that K2 is riding in the skies and it can only get better.

It also have to do with the way both men used their time shortly after the reality TV show, a clear indication that K2 has used 'his time'
 quite well so far.

Do you think Mandla is unable to produce new music?
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