BB Mzansi Host; Dad Radu opts to stay 'Forever Young'

It's a hot summer day in Johannesburg as I buzz the Parental Advisory Productions (PAP) option at the gate of the office block.

Walking into the creative space, I'm greeted by fresh hip-hop music and I notice youngsters cracking jokes but still focused on their laptops.

The staff of the film production company are relaxed in casual clothes, visibly easing into the new year.

Suddenly walks in their boss, Lungile "Lungsta" Radu dressed in a vest and shorts.

We talk about his reality TV show Forever Young, which returns to the small screen tonight on Vuzu AMP.

Its three protagonists and producers concede that they have come of age since the second season two years ago. But they will forever stay young. The show follows the lives of three friends and business partners - Radu, Siyabonga "Scoop" Ngwekazi and Thomas Gumede.

Since the last season two years ago, Radu got married to his sweetheart Bobo and became a father to a baby boy, and the team produced other hit reality shows in between including Goal Diggers, Mo Love and Love Back.

They use the acronym PAP for their company simply because "it's African staple food and the people must eat what we cook for them".

The show kicks off at Radu's bachelor party, which was held in Las Vegas, organised by the guys after his wife had her bachelorette party with her friends in Croatia. Radu promises the viewers more maturity in the new season, but, more seriously, speaks of their responsibility to pass the baton to young black creatives. "We are here today because of our brothers who had to sacrifice a lot back in the day. They had a different fight, they fought for us to have the freedom of expression we have and make money . and to get a fair share of the pie.

"We have to realise that when we are competing in this day and age, you have to realise that there is a lot on your shoulders. It's like a relay, you have the baton and you have to pass it to the next man. Run the best race you ran in your life but make sure you pass the baton. We have a lot of people that we mentor, that we employed and skilled them to our best ability," he says.

Radu enjoys great following, thanks to his work as a host of Big Brother, and will soon be presenting The Voice talent search show on M-Net. With his bachelorhood status out of the window, I ask him how this has impacted on his relationship with Gumede and Ngwekazi: "With guy friends it doesn't matter whether you are married or not, your boys are your boys.

"The relationship started out on a business level, this was in 2010 before PAP, and we had to learn that relationship first. It then developed into a friendship. We can deal with clashes because we had a business partnership first."

The up-coming season is half complete, and it took them a year to do the preproduction and production.

Gumede believes the show is a continuation. "This thing is growth. Life changes and adds responsibilities and blessings. We did not reinvent the wheel, we just made it better and it keeps going faster," says the comedian.

He has also been working the stand- up comedy circuit since last season. However, he doesn't do comedy clubs that much anymore but does corporate gigs due to time constraints. Their company was born in 2011 and the aim was to be a major player in the TV game locally. This month they will premiere two reality shows, Forever Young, and Ezase Afro: The Empire on Mzansi Magic.
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