Did 'NtombAce' Disappear Off The Face Of Earth?

Let's all agree that ever since Big Brother Mzansi 2's curtains came down almost a year ago, it's been the runners-up; K2, Blue and Mbali making most of the news as compared to the eventual winners; Ace and Ntombi.

This is not in bad faith or talking ill about 'NtombAce' but it's just an observation which am sure one or two f you have also realized.

The likes of K2, Blue and Mbali have either been making music, making telly appearances, taking trips and all while 'NtombAce' only managed to oust a song together 'Qabashwe' that never really got the attention like K2's songs.

The winning twosome also come up with a reality TV show which they tried to push but it surely seems it wasn't there 'thing'.

We know there are people out there who miss them and want to hear what's new about them but to be  quite honest, all one will find is a news articles about either K2, Blue, Mbali, Iris or Lexi.

We also can't help to wonder whether it stopped with them winning BB Mzansi 2.

What's you take on this folks?
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