BB Mzansi Fans: 'Shame on Ace and Ntombi'

The critics are still out to haunt poor Ace and Ntombi over the obvious but hey, who'd blame them? These are the same poor fans who always watched, supported and voted for the pair to come out tops during Big Brother Mzansi 2.

Going through our social media plat forms, you'd realize that most if not all fans especially those of the "Qabanation" (similar to Blue and K2's Royal fans) are disappointed in the couple for shaming and letting them down.

A one Lerato Basetsana Senne was of the view that "Its true what they say - You can take the person out of the slums but you can't the slum out of the person."

While another Lace Tshenolo was worried about their poor fans "Wwuuuuu shem poor fans."

Meanwhile, one fan was still compassionate with 'NtombAce' and still standing by them though she was worried about the pair's young son who may end being affected the most by the incident: "Kwaaaa we voted no 1 forced us... who r we To judge my only concern is S'khokho."

Well, we just hope and pray that Ace and Ntombi come out of this stronger and ready to take on the challenges that await them, it may be hard on the start but with determination, focus and resilience, they'll definitely get through.
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