Blog: Do 'Runners-up' Always Have To Do Well Than Winners?

Ever wondered why some reality show winners find themselves in very awkward situations?

All I am trying to drive at is the proven fact that when one wins a show like Big Brother/Africa/Mzansi, they are not guaranteed a place at the top, its like these victors find themselves in comfort zones forgetting that there's still a lot to do to keep their names 'up there'.

Let's mention names, just recently when Big Brother Mzansi 2 came to an end with Ace and Ntombi as winners, fans expected them to go even higher little did they know that runners-up Blue, K2, Mbali would take the whole 'attention' from them.

I mean who has enjoyed more media coverage than the trio? Non we guess. The threesome have been making the news for the good reasons producing music, making appearances and trips while Ace and Ntombi have continued to just 'bury' their winning title.

Its also like runners-up are always after proving a point which in most cases works in their favour as once cast doubts are washed down the drain.

Even when it comes to BBMzansi season 1, Iris, Kat and Lexi have stayed 'in the news' more than eventual winner Mandla and we guess the reasons are the same as Ace and Ntombi's.

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