Blue: 'These are not my fans but my Family'

We've had two seasons of Big Brother Mzansi thus far and a couple of housemates too but Blue Thandi Mbombo is undoubtedly one of those who've raised the bar as far as having loyal fans is concerned.

She's amassed a huge following of 'royal fans' whom she considers family rather than just fans basically because they've helped her get where she's today.

One 'concerned' follower though was of the view that she should forget about her 'so called' fans because they will surely 'dump' her should the next season of the reality show kick in as the same fans will jump onto the next 'favourite' housemate.

"It's just fans Blue, relax! Idols and BBM3 is coming, they are going to forget about you, live your life and forget about these crazy fans..," one fan reasoned.

But her response was just as good: "My answer was very simple " I may not have attended private schools, I may speak "Engrish" but I sure as hell know the difference between a Fan and Family. These are not my fans but my Family."
Every morning I check my emails...and all I see is radio, TV, magazine interview requests, business proposals from big brands. Invitations etc. When big names in the industry ask me "how did you do it?, what are you giving these people? Give me your fans Blue"
All I can is I AM BLESSED to have each and every one of you in my life. You have made my dreams come true.
And I pray to God that all your heart's desires come to pass, I pray that he restores everything that the devil stole from you, I pray for the outpouring of blessings upon your lives.
I love you Royals"

She surely couldn't have said it any better!
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