King Soxx Reduced To Tears

They say a man never cries but a real and true man does indeed shed tears, it's not a sign of fear or being less of a man but just showing one's feelings.

Well, our very own King Soxx Papi Chulo a housemate at last year's Big Brother Mzansi 2 was reduced to tears after meeting a fan who asked him why he was burnt. The emotional Soxx couldn't answer why to which the man filled him in but all the while, tears were already dripping out of his (Soxx's) eyes.

He however didn't reveal exactly what the man in question told him as he shared in social media: "Had a sit down with the ‪#‎OG‬ Zola7 yesterday...Zola asked me..."do you know why you got burnt?" I couldn't answer him...he answered the question for me and brought me to tears...I won't let you down I finnally know my purpose...everything else is useless."
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