Must-See Photo: Iris Criticized for wearing revealing outfit for 'Parents Meeting'

We reported in recent that days that Big Brother Mzansi 1 star Iris Miya's only child had finally hit the school going age and the little one's mother was over-joyed about the milestone.

Well, yesterday (31.01.2016) happens to have been Iris' very first official visit to her daughter school for a 'Parents Meeting'. It's during such gatherings that all parents and teachers come together and forge a way forward as regards their school and children's performance.

Meanwhile, it seems Iris wore an inappropriate outfit to the occasion, that's according to some a of her followers who trolled her for being "a bad example" to her child.

The outfit in question revealed some of her cleavage, thighs and long legs, these didn't receive much appreciation 'as expected'.

Tell us what you think about her outfit?
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