BB Mzansi Couples: 'K2Blue', 'NtombAce', 'Mandlexi' - Take your pick

We've had two seasons of Big Brother Mzansi so far and each of these couples have their own followers with K2Blue undoubtedly topping the charts for obvious reasons.

Season one gave us a couple of them but Mandla and Lexi took the 'ultimate prize' since they stayed together ever since. A lot was said as regards their break-up only for them to stay closer like inseparables twins. It's over two years since they first met and they continue to get stronger.

Season two gave us more of such couples; K2 and Blue. These met on the show and kicked it off from there, they've never looked back. They never got the Big Brother money but the fan following and career sprouting they've witnessed all came at the right time, when they needed a little comfort after that slim loss on reality telly.

Ace and Ntombi entered the show as a couple since they already had a child together so they were only cementing their relationship. They won the show and have gone on to stay together long after the show ended. They've had some problems along the way but their union seems stronger than any wave.

Mzansi surely loves them all but there will always be one that take the cup home so which is your favourite Big Brother Mzansi couple?
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