Blue & Brown Mbombo move into house they built as haters are made to eat own words (photos)

A few years ago, a much younger Blue and Brown twin pair made the bold step to start building their own house.

Duchess Blue Mbombo was in her final year, she was also into dealership and modelling and used to save all she was earning, the same was also the case for Brown who would save whatever she would earn.

When they started their construction works two years ago, people would call them names and also thought they were these "pick up girls" who earned their money from 'not so good sources'.

However, a few years down the road, the two twins are the talk of town, the house is now finished and they moved in recently and to add flavour to it, they both rode to the residence in identical convertible Audio monster machines like stars they are.

The monster rides parked just outside their new house

The house under construction

Blue had this to say: "Two years ago. ...@brownmbombo and I took a Leap Of Faith..i was just a final year student.. i worked as a hostess at night club, did PR for small companies and of course modelling. I saved up every cent... people called as names..we were known as those beautiful girls "ba dulang mokhukhung" but we still worked hard in silence and trusted in no one but God. 
Some did ya'll do it? Some said that house looks like an RDP house lol but guess what? Its a dream come true to us coz we never had it and also because we had done it ourselves.
I always say "your background does not determine your future"
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Congratulations to the girls!
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