Iris Miya Wouldn't Get Married To Man Younger Than Her

We all know or always attest to the saying that "age is just a number" and indeed it is after all what matters is the life in one's age not the age in one's life.

However some societies consider the age brackets especially when it comes to marriage. In Africa when an older woman gets married to a younger man no matter the age difference, it raises eye brows and society questions.

As for Iris Miya, she's one of those who wouldn't 'risk the wrath' of the society and wouldn't date a younger man going by her opinion on this particular scenario.

The Big Brother Mzansi ex housemate was perturbed by the fact that a 21 year-old man married a much older woman. She was of the view that it was too much and the man was way too young.

Over to you Mzansians, what's you take on this? Sound off in the comments' section below...
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