'Blue is my lady & I love her': K2

DRUM caught up with rapper and former Big Brother Mzansi contestant K2 a few days ago while he was training for a Brutal Fruit PinkDrive Celebrity Netball match he would later be part of at Ellis Park. K2 spoke of his upcoming music, breast cancer and how him and girlfriend Blue keep their love alive.

So why are you part of the PinkDrive?

I am here because I believe in what PinkDrive does, they educate small communities about cancer and early diagnosis of it. My grandmother also had cancer when she was 79, now she is 85, she had surgery done and she survived it, even though she thought she would die. So because of those reasons I am always available to help push cancer awareness.

You haven’t released a song in a while, we were so used to your K2 Friday releases. Why is that?

The campaign made quite a lot of noise, in about four weeks we did about 300 000 downloads and for a new artist that’s big. I have stopped K2 Fridays because I am busy working on my full project at the moment. It’s coming in June and am excited about it.

We looking forward to it too. 

Thank you.

Tell us about your relationship with Blue, how are you guys doing?

Blue is my lady and I love her, we are together and we are growing strong. And we are always appreciative of the love we get from our fans about our relationship, it is humbling.

So, ways you and Blue keep the love burning?

As a man I try not to do the same things everyday, I try to keep the spark in our relationship with fun surprises for her and Blue does the same. I get her something on a random day, like come home with a bunch of flowers or take her out and we get dressed up. We are not boring people and we like spending time with each other so that helps too.

What’s your dream for yourself?

I want to be an award winning artist, a multiple award winning that wins consistently not once in a while.

K2 took part in Brutal Fruit PinkDrive celebrity match at Ellis Park  on Saturday 14th May 2016 In door arena, it was a success!
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  1. Lot of love for my king K2 and my queen Blue, so proud of you my Royal couple you come so far keep it up

  2. You make me so proud of you Katlego Mabusela in your busy professionals still you both make time for each other, you and Thandie Mbombo were match made in heaven big brother was just a place for you too to officially meet your other half or the love of yoyr life and hoping this relationship or partnership will go so far..... I love u both my angels