Guys please control your thirst! Lexi will expose your D.Ms -See who she exposed

Yes! Lexi isn't about that D.M life.
If there's one thing we commend Lexi for, it's her honesty and no-holds-barred clap backs, especially if you come for her sideways.
The former Big Brother contestant and reality star has warned all the pervs out there to stop D.Ming her sexually provocative messages on social media after one of her followers thought he could get fresh with her.
Lexi made an example of the man after she screen-shot all of the dirty D.Ms he had been sending to her.

Lexi clearly had enough of the man's thirst and took a second screenshot of the man's messages to her.

After seeing the screenshots she had posted up on her Instagram, the man sent countless of apologetic messages begging for Lexi to take the screenshots down as it will ruin his current relationship.....tjo! Why are you sending another woman thirsty messages in the first place if you're already in a relationship Pah?

After posting the screenshots, Lexi then left a video message for all you thirsty men and women out there.
In the video, Lexi shares how she's not here to entertaining people's D.Ms.
"This is a note for all the guys who are just...or attention seeking, listen I'm not one of those girls who are just going to entertain your D.Ms so before you hit up my D.M make sure that it's clean and it's of positive notes. Don't come and be f**** horny here...."
Lexi also warned the ladies about them also sending D.Ms to her boyfriend, former Big Brother Mzansi winner - Mandla.
Ayeye, guys please control your thirst, you'll ruin your relationships and get exposed out here.
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